Bake Off to move post-watershed for giving young people ‘unrealistic expectations of cake’

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The next series of The Great British Bake Off will be deemed adult viewing after complaints it was distorting perceptions of cake in the minds of impressionable adolescents.

From 2019 Channel 4 will be broadcasting Bake Off after nine o’clock at night in order to minimise the negative impact on younger, more innocent audiences.

Social worker Simon Williams often works with young people experiencing a severe cake inferiority complex.

“The excesses of Bake Off are extremely damaging and I welcome its move to a later time slot with open arms,” he said.

“There are a number of messages I want to give teenagers. The cakes on Bake Off are massive but it’s important to realise it’s just television.

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“Most ordinary people would just make one or two layers and still really enjoy both the baking process and the consumption of the cake with someone they love.

“Similarly, don’t worry if your bake only lasts an hour and nowhere near the five hour marathon sessions you see in the tent. A short bake is perfectly normal within the context of a healthy, balanced life.

“Just last week I had a young lad come crying to me because his cakes didn’t have the copious amounts of cream seen on Bake Off. I had to reassure him that if the amount of cream he made was enough for him and the person he was baking for then there was absolutely no problem.”

Simon has now called for the scheduling change to be reinforced by introducing cake education to the National Curriculum.