Wednesday 31 October 2018

Barclays moving £250bn EU business to Ireland just Project Fear, insist Brexiters

Barclays moving to ireland

Barclays moving its EU business from the UK to Ireland is just part of project fear, according to leading Brexiters this morning.

As the bank confirmed a date at the high court in January to confirm it’s planned move of EU investment business to Ireland, along with £250bn in customer assets, people who follow this sort of thing have said this is ‘bad’.

However, those who insist Brexit is a good thing are strongly refuting that accusation.

“It’s only bad if you think vast sums of money leaving the country unecessarily is a bad thing,” explained Brexit voter Simon Williams.

“Remember – it’s not all about money. Money only buys you things; like food, shelter, medicine, clothing – that sort of thing. You know what it can’t buy you? A blue passport.

“Well, yes, I know technically you’ll be able to pay about £120 and get a blue passport but that’s not the point.

“If all you care about is money and your standard of living, then yes, Brexit might not be great – but as the referendum showed the majority of us value our freedom above having a roof over our heads.”

Brexit supporting MPs have also insisted the Barclays move is nothing to worry about.

“This bank moving their assets to Ireland is very different to when I moved my hedge fund to Ireland,” insisted Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“They are doing it because they are scared and have fallen for the project fear myth, whereas I did it because I am a patriot taking British my business out into the world.

“Yes, they are very different. Shut up.”

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