Barclays moving £250bn EU business to Ireland just Project Fear, insist Brexiters

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Barclays moving its EU business from the UK to Ireland is just part of project fear, according to leading Brexiters this morning.

As the bank confirmed a date at the high court in January to confirm it’s planned move of EU investment business to Ireland, along with £250bn in customer assets, people who follow this sort of thing have said this is ‘bad’.

However, those who insist Brexit is a good thing are strongly refuting that accusation.

“It’s only bad if you think vast sums of money leaving the country unecessarily is a bad thing,” explained Brexit voter Simon Williams.

“Remember – it’s not all about money. Money only buys you things; like food, shelter, medicine, clothing – that sort of thing. You know what it can’t buy you? A blue passport.

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“Well, yes, I know technically you’ll be able to pay about £120 and get a blue passport but that’s not the point.

“If all you care about is money and your standard of living, then yes, Brexit might not be great – but as the referendum showed the majority of us value our freedom above having a roof over our heads.”

Brexit supporting MPs have also insisted the Barclays move is nothing to worry about.

“This bank moving their assets to Ireland is very different to when I moved my hedge fund to Ireland,” insisted Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“They are doing it because they are scared and have fallen for the project fear myth, whereas I did it because I am a patriot taking British my business out into the world.

“Yes, they are very different. Shut up.”

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