Racist behaviour only racist if racist person admits to racism, insists Ryanair racist

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David Mesher, the man who caused a press storm by racially abusing an elderly widow on a Ryanair flight, has appeared on television to apologise to his victim and explain that he shouldn’t be labelled a racist just because he behaved like one.

He told viewers, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body. Of course, I sometimes use ethnic slurs and act like black people should obey me like a servant, but that doesn’t mean I’m card-carrying racist.

“I don’t have a card and I regularly walk past people of colour without shouting at them. Over 50% of the time I’d say. Only people who walk around saying ‘I’m a racist’ are true racists. Like Hitler.”

Mr Mesher found some support on social media among people with a fondness for red crosses. Several of whom took pains to point out the man’s age as they seem to believe that only sober people in the 25-60 group were capable of real racism.

In the meantime, Ryanair spokesperson, Simon Williams, finally ended the company’s complete avoidance of the story in a brief address to the press.

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He explained, “We sincerely hope the media keep piling on this sad bitter old racist.

“After all, he is the only culprit and everybody should forget that our staff stood by idly as he abused an old woman. They should also forget that we moved his victim then flew him all the way back to the UK in his all-white row.

“Would you like Michael O’Leary to insult people who don’t print boarding passes or do his Wacky Paddy pose? That’s always fun, isn’t it?”

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