Twitter under fire as civil conversation about Brexit allowed to go on for 37 minutes

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The popular social media website Twitter was accused of being asleep at the wheel after it emerged several people had sustained an enlightening and considerate discussion about Brexit without once resorting to personal insults.

Although the discussion has since been deleted, screenshots reveal that proponents and opponents of Brexit had used a BBC article, about a possible transition period, to calmly explain their views and respectfully consider those of others.

Simon Williams, PR director for Twitter UK, said that the culprits had been identified and their accounts blocked.

“It appears that the user @F*ckBrexit posted something about all leave voters being duped when @Freedom4UK explained the complex personal motivations that led to his vote to leave the EU.

“@F*ckBrexit then responded by admitting his anger lead him to lash out at his opponents but that he felt his emotional connection to Europe was often negated.

“Other users also started expressing regret at some of the things they had posted with several even admitting that they were not omniscient and that their view of the situation ‘could be wrong’.”

Mr Williams explained that the website reacted as fast as it could.

“We take very seriously our responsibility as the world’s biggest outlet for pointless hatred.

“But we do rely on the Twitter community to alert us when things go wrong. Once we were told about it, we banned all the offenders and deleted the conversation.

“Rest assured that all is back to normal now. The biggest thread about Brexit is now full of remainers calling their opponents stupid racists, leavers responding with accusations of snobbery and treason, and every female user that dares to contribute being inundated with rape threats.”