New Premier Inn ‘no-frills’ hotels just holes in the ground

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Premier Inn has announced that its new ‘no-frills’ hotel concept will just be a series of holes in the ground.

Hole by Premier Inn will be situated on the outskirts of major towns and cities and is designed for people who want to stay in a hole in the ground.

“Katanga my friends,” said Premier Inn spokesperson Lenny Henry.

“I am pleased to announce the new Hole by Premier Inn concept.

“We were looking for a hotel that was a ‘no-frills’ version of the Premier Inn. However, this proved quite a difficult proposition as there are very few things in a Premier Inn hotel room that could honestly be called a ‘frill.’

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“Ultimately though, we realised that walls, ceilings, floors – all of these were frills, so if we stripped them out, we would have the concept we were looking for – a big hole.

“Well actually, a small hole, a big hole was considered a frill.”

The popular Tiswas comedian went on to explain the pricing structure for the new offering.

He explained, “We are keeping the tariff simple. £19 for a hole in the ground with the limited option to upgrade to a hole in the ground with a tarpaulin, in case it rains, at just £24.”

The first Hole by Premier Inn will open next week in Cardiff, a location where a hole in the ground is considered quite well-to-do.

Should the new concept prove successful, there are rumours that the company is planning an ‘even-fewer-frills’ hotel concept called Swamp by Premier Inn.