Prince Charles repeatedly steering dinner conversation with Dutch King to how his mum abdicated to let him be king

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The state visit of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has given Prince Charles plenty of opportunity to keep mentioning how he became the Dutch King because his elderly mother retired.

Willem-Alexander became King in 2013 after his mother, Queen Beatrix, abdicated aged 75 to give him a go at the top job.

A State Dinner was held for the visitors from the Netherlands, giving Charles plenty of opportunity to raise the subject of King Willem Alexander’s ascension to the throne after his mother’s abdication.

“That’s interesting, don’t you think mother,” said Prince Charles over dinner with the Dutch King.

“How he became king because his own mother abdicated. She was 75, which is quite young and means she gets to enjoy her retirement.

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“That’s an interesting concept don’t you think? Retiring – and taking a back seat to let someone else take over for a bit.

“Your mother is having a great time these days, isn’t that right King Willem? Could you just repeat how happy she is after abdicating?”

The Queen was less than impressed by Charles’ insistence on bringing every conversation back to a potential abdication.

“Yes Charles, I get it – his elderly mother retired so he could be King. Yes, I get that you quite fancy a go at the top job and would quite like to do it while you still have all your faculties about you.

“But – and I can’t stress this enough – you can fuck off. I’ve got the longest reign in history going here, and you expect me to give it up because my whiny man-child wants a better job?

“Tough shit buttercup.”