Tory Brexiters demand a second vote on who should be leading their party

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Brexit supporting Tory MPs are today demanding a re-run of the 2016 Conservative party leadership contest because they believe Theresa May was only able to win it by “lying”, and that no one knew what they were voting for.

A senior Conservative backbencher and arch-Brexiter speaking on the promise of anonymity told us, “We are urging our fellow MPs to hand letters in to the chair of the 1922 committee, calling for a leadership contest.

“It’s been two years since our last vote, and things have changed.

“In 2016 Theresa May promised us so much that has now transpired to be either lies, or at best utterly undeliverable, and we believe this is an affront to the democratic principles that underpin our leadership elections.

“There were some amongst us who were uneasy about the consequences of having her as our leader, however, our concerns were dismissed by the May camp as being ‘project fear’.

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“Well I can tell you, as each day goes by, project fear is fast becoming project reality.

“When we won the Brexit referendum, we were initially delighted to hear Theresa talk about ‘citizens of nowhere’, thus disenfranchising half the country in one rhetorical flourish, but that kind of talk has now disappeared completely.

“There is even word that Whitehall is now secretly war-gaming second referendum scenarios, which is utterly undemocratic and outrageous.

“That is she must go; after all, if the MPs in our party are unable to change their minds, then our party ceases to be democratic.

“We demand a Tory leadership vote!”

A spokesperson for number 10 told those asking for a second leadership vote “You lost, get over it.”

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