No one would use a car to commit terrorism if the UK allowed guns, insists Fox News

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Following the recent incident when a driver used his car as a weapon in London, right-wing pundits in the USA have decried Britain’s strict gun laws and explained that unrestricted access to military weapons would have made an attack with a vehicle highly unlikely.

Gun rights proponent and Fox News host Sean Hannity was one of many to lambaste the UK’s weapons and immigration policies on his show.

He told viewers, “This terror attack could have taken out the whole UK government. One man made his car a weapon and there was nothing to stop him except a platoon of highly trained firearms experts from the police, well-established emergency protocols and some crash barriers specially designed to stop a fully laden truck.

“Had it not been for those, and had the attacker waited another month for MPs to come back from vacation, then the UK could have been toppled!

“Do you think this could happen in our great nation? What would a suicidal terrorist think if he saw the countless gun stores in our country and all the patriotic men, women and even children easily acquiring AR-15s and Glocks? I can guarantee he would think twice about trying to cause carnage with something as mundane as a Ford Fiesta.”

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Donald Trump also piled on the criticism with a tweet decrying the UK’s perceived weakness towards Islamic extremism.

However, due to his busy schedule, Mr Trump did not have time to tweet about the 40-50 Americans that have been shot to death on the same day of the London attack that saw 3 people lightly injured.