Mother-in-law strikes first blow with Christmas dinner invite in August

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A mother-in-law from Wakefield has thrown her family into turmoil by inviting her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren around for Christmas lunch, despite it being more than four months to the big day.

Marion Watson, 64, was caught out by her nemesis Betty last Christmas when she was the victim of a late October invite, and was determined that it wouldn’t happen again this year.

Speaking to our reporter this morning, Marion told us, “I know what she’s like, it was my turn last year but the kids are far too nice to say no, so she got in early.

“I could sense that there was something up when she started talking to the grandkids about what they want from Santa at last weekend’s barbecue, so I struck out first.

“That bitch isn’t getting the better of me this time. I don’t even want the little fuckers to come, but she’s not getting them.”

However, her daughter Gillian seemed blissfully unaware of the granny battles that were taking place almost in front of her face.

She told us, “It’s lovely that Mum has asked us around so soon, I’m sure that she has lots to prepare and that she just needs something to look forward to. It will be lovely and Malcolm’s Mum will undoubtedly be welcome to join us. It’s adorable that the two of them get along so well.”

When we asked Marion if Betty would be welcome, she seemed surprisingly accepting of the idea, “Of course I want her to come,” she said.

“I want her to see what a proper Christmas dinner tastes like, not like that shit that she served up last year. I hope it’s the last thing that goes through her mind when she chokes on her sixpence.”