People with too much faith in mankind expecting N-word tape to hurt Trump’s popularity with his supporters

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As claims resurfaced that Donald Trump repeatedly used racial slurs while filming The Apprentice, people who have unwarranted confidence in the American public still believe that such a recording would destroy him, despite evidence that many his supporters actually like his bigotry.

Chuck Williams, an unemployed coal miner from Kentucky, and fervent Trump supporter was surprised that people thought he would care if the President was racist.

He told us, “It’s odd that people think proof of racism would hurt Donald Trump with people who fly the Confederate flag and spent years claiming the first black president was not really American.

“I regularly tweet that not being able to use the N-word without being shunned is a horrible form of oppression.

“Making people angry is why I voted for Trump. The more he annoys liberals, the more I like him. After all, if there really isn’t an evil conspiracy led by metropolitan elites to destroy the soul of America, then why is my life shit?

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“If that weren’t true, then I would have to admit that some of my troubles are linked to the fact I own more guns than books and I still pin my hopes for prosperity on an industry that become obsolete somewhere around the 1950’s.

“So yeah, the more vile he, is the more I think it rubs it in the face of people I don’t know but still bitterly resent.

“And that’s really all I have to live for now.

“Apart from my guns. Which I love. So, want to come shoot some stray cats?”