Brexiters slam meddling EU bureaucrats for insisting ‘doctors should be fully qualified’

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Campaign groups backing Brexit have today launched a full out attack on the European Union, claiming that meddling eurocrats are preventing doctors from becoming doctors without completing their medical training.

The move comes after suggestions that doctors could be trained more quickly once we’re out of the EU and facing a shortage of fully trained medical professionals to treat the nation’s sick people.

A spokesperson for Leave.EU, Simon Williams said, “This is a perfect example of Brussels dictating to the British people, telling us how long our doctors should train for – how dare they.

“The EU insists that they undergo a minimum of 5 years training, and demands they are at a sufficient level of competence to ensure they can safely treat members of the public.

“This goes completely against the will of the British people who fully understand it is just another way for bureaucrats to feather their nests.

“By not allowing untrained but willing-to-have-a-go patriots from practising medicine, the EU is deliberately trying to prevent your gran and military veterans from having the operations they need.

“It is an undeniable fact that you can train a doctor within a week by giving them the game ‘Operation’ and a box set of Holby City.

“This also disproves the myth that we as a nation are reliant on European medical professionals to support our NHS. There are millions of people in this country who would have had Holby City on in the background as they were flicking through Facebook on their phones, and couldn’t be bothered to reach for the remote. That’s not even mentioning the cast, who have years of hands-on experience.

“We want Britain to be great again, and as everyone knows, that means decriminalising back-street abortions and allowing estate agents to carry out craniectomies.”

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