Britain loses its best friend

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Britain has lost a happy, harmless man who only wanted to make people laugh.

Barry Chuckle, who spent the best years of his life falling off ladders, hitting his brother in the head with a plank and reciting catchphrases, died at the age of 73 this morning – astonishing a nation who thought he had been endlessly preserved in his late 40s.

Barry made an immense contribution to home improvement and DIY, as it is thanks to him that nobody who grew up in Britain is capable of moving furniture without saying ‘To me, to you’ and stepping in an open can of paint.

His brother Paul said that losing Barry was losing his best friend, and on behalf of so many people – Paul, if you read this, we feel the same way.

Endless daftness and nonsense delivered with good cheer and optimism britghtened up more after-school afternoons than can be counted.

In his memory, everyone in Britain is invited to get a settee wedged in a door at 3pm, synchronised across the country.

Thanks, Barry. From us, to you.