Anonymous American caller begs Babestation girl to piss on bed

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A Babestation model was left speechless on Saturday night after an American caller asked her to piss on her bed.

Twenty-four-year-old Candis Christmas was on the line to an anonymous viewer when the bizarre request was made at one o’clock in the morning.

A spokesperson for the channel explained, “Candis was making herself appear all sexy, well, as sexy as a woman can be while simultaneously propping herself up on all fours and talking down a telephone to a masturbating stranger on a Milton Keynes industrial estate.

“The caller started with the usual kind of perv talk, saying how big his cock looked in his hands and all that shit.

“But then it turned weird when he asked Candis to put on an eastern European accent and wazz all over the bed she was currently writhing on.

“He said he was struggling to sleep and that the tinkle of urine on a mattress was a sure fire way of sending him off to the land of nod.”

Babestation bosses cancelled the call immediately, before tracing the number back to a large property in Scotland.

This was not the first time the models have received such a request, a text message from a viewer calling himself ‘Mr Bigly’ demanded a similar performance the previous evening.

However, the model told friends she will not be asking police to take further action.

“I don’t really want to talk about it,” Candis said.

“Mostly because this lawyer American lawyer I’d never heard of paid me $130,000 to keep my mouth shut.”