Donald Trump announces new policy of regime change directed at the United Kingdom

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The president of the United States last night confirmed his government are now seeking to topple the UK government in order to install one more amenable to his and his friends’ worldview.

Speaking to the Murdoch owned Sun, President Trump said, “The British people are fed up with the foreign European Union interfering in their affairs. They voted by 95% to 97% to leave, and Theresa May is betraying them.

“Look at London. It’s a war zone with no-go areas controlled by sharia law, which is forced upon them by the EU.

“I told her exactly what she should do, but she chose a different route. Sad. So sad.

“It’s not for me to tell the British people what they should do, but they should definitely get rid of May and replace her with Boris Johnson. I like him. He’s a good guy. I am a very stable genius so I know these things about people.

“The Brexit white paper is not what the British people voted for. They love me here, I think the last poll showed at least 91% thought I was the greatest President in history, and they are right. I own a lot of land here.

“So I have to tell you, its time for a regime change in the UK. True patriots like Putin, Johnson and Farage have all persuaded me this is a necessary thing. A very necessary thing.

“I like Johnson a lot, he’s said nice things about me. I own a lot of land here and in Ireland. Best golf.”