Hard-hitting Piers Morgan interview finally uncovers President Trump’s favourite colour

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Piers Morgan scored an exclusive interview with Donald Trump aboard Air Force One, and has revealed he managed what no other reporter has ever managed, in getting the president to admit his favourite colour.

Morgan insisted viewers would have to wait to find out when everyone he told about the interview correctly guessed that the colour is gold.

He retorted, “You can speculate all you like, but if you really want to know you’ll have to watch the interview when it goes out exclusively on ITV.

“I don’t care what your guess is, or that it’s based on him having the colour absolutely everywhere, only I, the supreme reporter that I am, got the exclusive word of the President to finally put an end to the debate on his favourite colour.”

After being told there is literally no debate over the President’s favourite colour, Morgan stormed off.

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “The irony of a president who uses the term ‘fake news’ daily, being interviewed by the man who edited a newspaper that literally used fake photos in the news, is not lost on us.

“I really don’t see what it is about Piers Morgan’s soft-touch approach to what he thinks of as journalism that attracted Donald Trump. But clearly he likes it.

“What other journalists would think to ask questions such as ‘Mr President, you are obviously an amazing man, a successful businessman and now an incredible President, why do you think so many people are struggling to see your brilliance?’.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll watch the interview, obviously – if for no reason other than to refresh my memory on what a true sycophant looks like.”