Donald Trump criticises Windsor Castle as ‘an old dump in need of modernisation’ after visit

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The reality TV star who is also technically the President of the United States has slammed Windsor Castle after visiting it today.

Donald Trump visited Windsor Castle this afternoon to meet Her Majesty the Queen, and wasted no time after the visit in criticising the unimpressive aesthetic of one of England’s most famous landmarks.

“Windsor Castle, what a dump!” the first tweet read, presumably drafted on a toilet somewhere in the depths of the building itself.

“If this is the best skyscraper England has to offer then I’m not impressed. Nowhere near as tall or grand as Trump Tower, NY. Only has six floors, and they built it on a hill, which is cheating,” he added.

The next one read “And to think that the Queen lives here. SAD! Trump Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas would be a much more fitting place for a monarch to live, not this old-fashioned monstrosity. Most rooms don’t even have flatscreens in!”

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The Queen is yet to respond to the comments, having had a few Gin and Tonics to recover from the encounter before instructing the household staff to begin scrubbing off the centimetre thick residue of fake tan left behind on the sofa where Trump had been seated.

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