Saudi comedians delighted to revive ‘women driver’ jokes from the 1970s

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A new law allowing women to drive has given Saudi comedians a rich new vein of comedy to tap.

Last week Saudi Arabia became the last country on Earth to allow women to pilot motor vehicles, which has heralded a new age of both gender equality and easily gathered comedy material.

Comedian Ahmed Williams blogged, “Since Friday I’ve been watching non-stop Butlins variety shows, red-faced comics in sparkly jackets gigging at various coastal towns across the UK, and the inexplicably popular ‘On The Buses’ programme.
The running gag appears to be that women are unsafe drivers, mainly because they are too busy checking their lipstick to concentrate on the task in hand.

“I can’t really use that, because we’ve yet to repeal the law that allows women to show their faces in public. I suppose I could write something about the veil restricting their view, but that’s not really something they choose to wear.

“Referring to every car accident as being the result of a woman driver seems to be particularly popular in the research I’ve conducted, even though technically they’re a lot safer.

“The idea that women possess poor spatial reasoning and therefore cannot competently reverse the car does show some promise, although in 2018 I think parking sensors and cameras have rendered that particular comedy trope obsolete.”

Ahmed’s wife Meena had this to say, “Saudi women have been granted a great freedom.

“Assuming that we aren’t expected to taxi our kids and parents around, or run errands for our husbands. Surely women in the West don’t have to do that?”