Nigel Farage advised to give politics a go after expertly refusing to answer questions on his own radio show

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Radio host and award-winning gammon Nigel Farage has been told that he would suit a career in politics, after dodging questions with skill on his LBC radio show.

Political commentator Simon Williams explained, “It’s probably never crossed his mind, but having seen clips of his radio show Nigel Farage would make a really good politician.

“Yesterday a caller rang up under the pseudonym of ‘Liz’, but apparently it was a journalist called Carol something-or-other and Nigel just hung up on her instantly, instead of trying to avoid the question by answering another one or going off on a tangent.

“This sort of revolutionary approach to dodging questions could see him go a long way in Westminster.”

He added, “I’d advise him to pick a fringe party to stand for in order to have the best chance of standing out from the other candidates and to get elected. Like UKIP, for example.

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“Maybe in somewhere like South Thanet, for example. Only an utter fool would fail to get elected there.”