De Niro a ‘very low IQ individual’, says man who just handed massive PR win to dangerous rogue state

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President Donald Trump has questioned Robert De Niro’s intelligence a mere day after doing one of the most stupid things the so-called ‘leader of the free world’ could possibly do.

Trump used the platform of all responsible heads of state – Twitter – to strike back at De Niro after the actor denounced the President at an awards ceremony in front of millions of people on television and subsequently social media.

Implying the actor was brain damaged because he once played a boxer in a film, Trump used his usual trick of claiming intellectual superiority over anyone who disagrees with him.

However, the president seemed less than bothered that this exchange came within twenty-four hours of him committing one of the most stupid, short-sighted acts in geopolitical history.

“It’s essentially the most idiotic thing an influential western leader could have done,” said analyst Simon Williams.

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“He’s validated a nation which has an appalling – and very recent – record of human rights abuses, while also giving him a massive PR win that will fuel his propaganda machine for months.

“The concessions he won from Kim Jong Un have been given to every US President going back as far as Reagan, but none of them gave away a photo op for it.

“The summit was purely driven by asinine, narcissistic impulses – how it would make Trump look in the papers the next day.

“It really was a gift for an ego-driven fuckwit like Trump.

“Sadly for the President, history will not remember the day he opened the gates to let in that pretty wooden horse. It will remember the day the enemy emerged from the horse and slit everyone’s throat.”