Meghan Markle to wear ‘normal wedding dress’ and donate £300,000 to the homeless in Windsor

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Meghan Markle has today made a bold statement regarding the future of the Royal family, by refusing to wear an extortionately overpriced piece of cloth for a few hours and instead opting to change the lives of the homeless community in Windsor.

Speaking to reporters today the Royal bride-to-be said, “For many years the Royal family has been criticised for putting the costs of its own pompous sense of self-importance before the needs of the people who lack the most basic essentials.

“The statement that I am making today is that, whilst national traditions and customs are vitally important to this country and the people in it, it will no longer be at the expense of the very people that we are supposed to represent.”

The move has been applauded by all factions of society who have hailed the move as a sign that the Royal Family are at last connecting with the public in general.

Sarah Williams, who runs a homeless centre just a mile away from where the wedding is taking place, admitted that she was both ‘astonished and delighted’ at the news.

She explained, “What we will be able to do with that money, the number of lives that could be potentially changed forever, people who have lost all sense of hope and direction being put back on track after years in life’s wilderness.

“It is an amazing gesture and hopefully will bring attention to the enormous challenge that the country is facing regarding homelessness.”

It is thought that the gesture is likely to start a snowball effect, whereby the richest and most privileged in society now follow the Royal lead, redressing the unfair balance of wealth and prosperity across the country.

Or it won’t.