Prince Harry’s stag party guests arrive in full Nazi uniforms

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Prince Harry’s stag do looks set to go exactly how you’d imagine.

A battalion of Nazi foot soldiers rocked up to an exclusive London hotel and caused widespread panic and concern before revealing they were mates of Prince Harry, at which point everyone in the vicinity went “Ohhhhh that’s ok then”.

“Seig Heil!” joshed Simon Williams, one of the Prince’s friends from the billiard team, who has seen Harry naked about as often as Megan Markle has.

“Maybe the tank was a bit overkill – I think we actually crushed a mini clubman on the way in. Oh well.

“Tonight is going to be epic in its debauchery. Think Wolf of Wall Street, only with more tits and gak. We’re going to be the hardest partying Nazis this side of Rudolph Hess.”

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Hotel employee, Jay Cooper, said, “It’s both incredibly bad taste and exactly what we all expected.

“I wish Harry well of course; I just hope I don’t have to chisel too much cum out of the carpets tomorrow morning.”

The Nazi costumes were described as “incredibly offensive” by The Guardian, “disappointing” by The Telegraph and “refreshing” by The Daily Mail, while Donald Trump tweeted to say it looked like “a great stag party full of very fine people”.

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