People who want to expel immigrants horrified at how Windrush generation is treated

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All over the country, Britons whose only tangible political focus is the removal of non-citizens from the UK, have expressed dismay about the way people who came here as part of the Windrush migrations have been forced to leave the country.

Simon Williams, a virulent xenophobe and retired lorry driver, has been tirelessly commenting on Daily Mail website about the injustice inflicted by a Home Office attempting to give him exactly what he wishes.

“It’s a disgrace. Here we have real people with families and longstanding attachments to the UK being arbitrarily sent to a country they know little about, just because politicians are trying to gain the support of voters like me.

“And the way they do it is so callous. It’s as if they had created an intimidating and merciless process solely designed to avoid people like me whining about immigrants using our money on legal aid and so-called human rights to avoid deportation – something that I do with great regularity.”

Asked who he believed should be deported, Mr Williams was a bit less clear.

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“Well those ISIS terrorists for a start. But you can’t touch them because of softies in Brussels. And those people who beg on the street but have got mansions with swimming pools in Romania. You know they can make four grand a day begging on Lutterworth High Street?”

However, Mr Williams then provided a long list of personal acquaintances of all ethnicities who should be allowed to remain in the UK because “he’s alright, he is.”