Brexiters celebrate 20 years of the Good Friday Agreement by attempting to destroy it

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20 years on from the signing of the agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland, Brexiters everywhere are celebrating by refusing to understand what it is, and not caring if it falters because of their actions.

Speaking today, ardent Brexiter, retired builder and failed UKIP PPC Simon Williams said, “Just like the history and workings of the European Union, I have absolutely no grasp on what the Good Friday Agreement is.

“What I do know though is there are people in this country traitorously determined to stop Brexit because they are worried about stupid things like honouring past commitments and people being murdered.

“Project fear warned us before the referendum that Brexit could undermine the peace deal, and they are still claiming this.

“My belief, however, is that if something is too complicated for me to bother trying to understand it, like this or Euratom for example, then it’s obviously not worth caring about.  Nothing complicated ever is.

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“There is no way I will be asked to man a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and as such, I won’t ever be put in harm’s way. That is what Brexit is all about in a nutshell. Taking back control of things we never lost or that never existed, and me being perfectly OK while I allow other people to take the fallout.”

Asked if he was worried about the United Kingdom falling apart, Mr Williams said, “I don’t really understand the question, but how could that possibly happen?”

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