UK demonstrates strength of Brexit negotiating position by giving EU everything it wanted

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The United Kingdom has once again demonstrated its strength in the protracted Brexit negotiations with the European Union, by agreeing to everything the EU has asked for in order to secure agreement to move onto the next phase.

Speaking to reporters, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis said, “Many people said we would not be able to negotiate a satisfactory agreement.

“They repeatedly said our position was too weak and that the red lines we set out would mean we were in no position to demand anything. Well, today I can tell you they were wrong.

“We said we would not remain in the Single Market or Customs Union during the implementation period, and I am pleased to say we’ve achieved that goal, by staying in the Single Market and Customs Union but having absolutely no say over its rules.

“We said we would not be subject to the European Courts of Justice, and again, we have achieved aim that by remaining subject to the ECJ.

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“We said there would be no hard border between the EU and Northern Ireland, and we have achieved that by saying Northern Ireland will remain in the Single Market and Customs Union should we not be able to achieve an impossible invisible border that both isn’t there and also stops goods getting in and out of the EU.

“In short, all the doomsayers, all the doubters and remoaners have been proven wrong again.

“If we can achieve all this with an adversary like the EU, then just imagine what we will achieve when we’re out in the world negotiating new free trade agreements.”

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