Man who filmed himself abusing Jamie Carragher while driving his daughter loses place on Father of the Year shortlist

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A talented multi-tasker, who managed to safely taunt a fellow motorist from his car window and film the incident with his mobile phone, all while driving a vehicle that contained his 14-year-old daughter, has lost his place on the Father of the Year shortlist, according to reports this morning

Video has shown vexed ex-Liverpool star Jamie Carragher pull up alongside the offending vehicle and aim a large mouthful of the best Scouse phlegm at the man, which missed and struck his daughter, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

The anonymous Manchester United supporter, who we imagine is as much of a credit to society as the gob-happy Sky Sports pundit, told us today, “Obviously, this is all his fault, I’m always having a few bants with people on the cars around me, and I never get spat on – punched, yes, but spat on? That’s just vile.”

When we pointed out that he hadn’t actually been spat on this time either, as his daughter had taken the brunt of the mucus, he replied, “Ah, yes, but it was meant for me. Luckily me and my phone were far enough away and it hit the young ‘un, but I got a bit of a spray all the same.”

A spokesperson for the Father of the Year award said they were left with no choice but to remove him from the shortlist.  They told us, “There are some things we can overlook, but the filming of video in portrait mode isn’t one of them.”

Meanwhile, Sky Sports have suspended the pundit over the incident, although reports that the whole episode was set up by Gary Neville to ‘get rid of the talentless wanker’ have been neither confirmed nor denied.