Envelope of white powder seized by police was meant for stag do, admits Prince Harry

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The envelope of white powder addressed to Prince Harry that police feared was anthrax was just harmless cocaine, Prince Harry has confirmed.

The envelope was picked up during a routine check of incoming mail to the royal family, and upon discovering white powder inside police rushed it off for analysis before the prince was able to put it safely away in readiness for his forthcoming stag do.

A spokesperson for the royal family spoke to reporters this morning saying, “Now that the powder is established to have not been anthrax, Prince Harry is rather keen to have it back.

“He was expecting a package from a friend of his from the military and thinks this may well have been it, as his friend promised that the contents would help him party as much as he did that time he got naked and played pool in Las Vegas surrounded by honeys.

“So if he could have it back in time for his stag do, that would be just great, thanks.”

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According to a source close to Harry and Meghan, the prince’s stag do is expected to consist of a night of drunken revelry in Windsor dressed in comical Nazi uniforms, topped off by beheading a few of his Grandma’s swans for a laugh just because he can.