Republicans demand Second Amendment be changed to remove right to ‘not bear arms’

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Right-minded Republicans are demanding that everyone in America be constitutionally forced to arm themselves with one or more guns regardless of what they personally think about the matter.

NRA lifer, Chuck Williams, said, “The only way to deal with guns in schools is to have more guns in schools. In fact, the best way to deal with guns, in general, is for everyone to have more – many more – guns everywhere.

“If you had a gun in each hand all the time, you’d be really safe. And if you had a couple more in each pocket and perhaps one in an ankle holster on each leg, think how incredibly safe you’d be. It’s not as if anyone ever accidentally shot themselves in the bollocks or anything.

“No-one would even think about approaching you if you had six or seven guns on your person, would they? Least of all a complete lunatic who’s planning to shoot a bunch of random people and then turn the gun on themselves.

“Now, some liberal leftie snowflakes will go on and on about the risks of being shot, but if we take that out of the equation, by changing our 2nd Amendment rights to force people to bear arms, that would be much better, and make for a much safer America for everyone.

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“I know we all go on about not wanting to change the 2nd Amendment, but this would be for a good cause, not like what those CNN readers want, the Health and Safety Nazis.”

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