British racists excited to see Nigel Farage branching out into new field of antisemitism

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Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has dipped his toe into the intimidating world of Jew-hating now that George Soros has been rumoured to take action over Brexit.

Antisemitism has long been considered the Premier League for hate-peddlers, and the world of paranoid recluses who see Zionist conspiracies in every facet of life was abuzz at the news of such a high profile participant.

Ordinary British bigots were worried at having to master a whole new type of prejudice but most seemed pleased at the prospect of a new challenge.

Simon Williams, a former EDL member and active Twitterati, explained that his peers were already looking at ways to tackle the steep learning curve.

He explained, “It’s a hard discipline. Much more so than Islamophobia. It’s got a much more elaborate canon and you have to know your Rothschilds from your Bilderbergs.

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“It’s going to take awhile for us to get up to speed, but fortunately there is some overlap with mindless hatred of Muslims what with the bacon and all that.

“But it’s going to be a pickle to reconcile several years of homoerotic fetishism of the Israeli Military and the idea that Jews are money hoarding weaklings using their unnatural intellects to undermine good Christian folk. And where do we conduct our patrols? Do they even have mosques?”

Labour quickly condemned Mr Farage’s remarks about George Soros and his cheerleaders in the Tory press.

However, they refused to explain why Ken Livingstone was suddenly asked to chair a week-long seminar in one of North West Scotland’s mobile phone blackspots.