Foreign drug abuser Katie Hopkins puts strain on hard-pressed South African health services

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Katie Hopkins, a notorious hate-preacher, has spurred claims that loose border controls result in scarce resources being wasted on parasitic junkies.

Ms Hopkins collapsed from a ketamine overdose after a long sojourn where she fraternized with criminal elements in Cape Town.  Many people in South Africa have seized on the incident to press for tighter immigration laws and the end to ‘health tourism’.

Simon Williams, a local councillor in Cape Town, said he feared Ms Hopkins’ casual assumption that she could continue her degenerate ways, and get the state to pick up the pieces, could stoke xenophobia in the Rainbow Nation.

“We South Africans are a welcoming people but we have our limits. From what we can glean, this Ms Hopkins is pure malevolence.

“It looks like her only professional activity has been doing ridiculous tasks on some TV show and then making people angry.

“While she was here she has been meeting with crazy white supremacists. Cape Town is a few weeks away from a major water shortage, and we have other things to do than mollycoddle the detritus of England’s failed social system.

“Take care of your own junkies. Don’t send them here.”

Mr Williams added that, due to the legacy of Apartheid and the tragic history of ethnic warfare on the continent, people in South Africa were less amused by ‘playful’ calls for genocide or calling desperate migrants ‘cockroaches’.

“I know it’s a very controversial subject, but we must also address Ms Hopkins hygiene habits.

“Even a nyaope smoking Cape Flats prostitute take her clients into a hut. Why does Ms Hokpins satisfy her johns in a field?”