Ketamine users seek to distance themselves from far-right hate preachers after Katie Hopkins admits use

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Recreational drug users with a penchant for extreme sedatives have today sought to distance themselves from hate preachers like Katie Hopkins.

The hate-spewing former Apprentice candidate was photographed passed out and receiving treatment from South African paramedics, which she then uploaded to Twitter along with the admission that she had taken ketamine because, presumably, any publicity is good publicity to attention seeking extremists.

“The Ketamine-using community strongly condemns racism, xenophobia and every other form of hatred,” regular user Simon told us.

“True, Katie Hopkins may have taken Ket, but in no way are her political views representative of the rest of the horse-tranquiliser appreciating community.”

He added, “We just hope that her actions do not tarnish the reputation of the rest of us drug users. That would be a crying shame. Well, it would be when we finally come down.”

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Police officer Eleanor Gay responded, “Since it has emerged that Katie Hopkins enjoys doing Ketamine, we have already noticed a drop in demand for it, and its usage.

“We’re assuming its because no-one would want to be put in the same bracket as her, in any way whatsoever.

“Never thought I’d say this, and I doubt I ever will again, but, well, thank you Katie.”