Andy Serkis confirmed as Ginger Spice’s CGI body double for Spice Girls comeback

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Renowned motion capture actor Andy Serkis has spoken of his ‘greatest challenge’ after he was confirmed as Geri Halliwell’s CGI body double for the reforming Spice Girls’ upcoming performances.

With pop historians and Prince Charles said to be ‘excited’ at the prospect of the 90’s girl group’s latest, artistically-charged comeback, Spice management’s concerns regarding the rigours of stomping around to ‘Wannabe’ without obvious supporting apparatus or industrial girdles led to them turning to CGI assistance for the girls’ 2018 performances.

Industry insider Simon Williams explained, “It’s all well and good getting back together for the inevitably lucrative appearances at the Royal Variety or various soulless awards ceremonies, but they could end up with egg on their faces should Ginger put a hip out during Spice up your Life.

“Especially if the girls have been pelted with eggs and the stage is slick with spilt albumen.”

For his part, Serkis says he plans to call upon his previous roles as Gollum, King Kong and that weird bloke off of new Star Wars film in order to embody the physicality, life force and covetousness of the 90’s version of Ginger Spice.

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Serkis will actually perform the role hidden from view of the audience behind the stage, with his performance being seamlessly transferred to the stage alongside Scary, Sporty, Baby and Oligarchy Spice via some kind of giant 3D projector thing.

“It’ll be a new one for me, that’s for sure,” said the curiously hairy impersonator of big screen monsters.

“But I’m willing to give it a shot, in exchange for several million pounds.”