Mum criticised after forgetting to set baby to ‘silent mode’ during flight

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A young mother has faced a strong backlash from fellow passengers and airline staff after forgetting to put her baby on silent mode during a flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh yesterday.

Passengers were alerted to the dreadful oversight when shortly after take-off they heard a screaming sound coming from the rear of the aeroplane, as though someone had been rude enough to allow their offspring to emit a continual loud noise without a second thought for other people around them.

Poorly-endowed businessman Simon Williams told us, “That was, without doubt, the worst flight of my life, and I’ve flown with Ryanair.

“This little brat would not stop screaming from the moment we took off until we landed. It was really quite annoying – I struggled to read my Top Gear magazine – and it could have been a dangerous distraction to the pilot and crew.

“In addition to personally yelling directly at this woman’s face for subjecting us to the infernal din coming from her infant, I have also demanded a full refund from the airline for the distress caused to myself and others on the flight.”

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The mother involved, Eleanor Gay, simply responded, “If anyone knows how to activate the silent mode on a baby then please do let me know.”