Male BBC presenters agree to help wash up the coffee mugs

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Six of the BBC’s most prominent and highly paid journalists have agreed to help the female presenters with their allotted mundane tasks such as taking it in turns to wash up the mugs and to water the pot plants in the studio.

Veteran Radio 4 stalwart, John Humphreys as well as Nicky Campbell, John Sopel, Huw Edwards, Jeremy Vine, and chief political editor, Nick Robinson have all agreed to pitch in with the studio chores.

However, Humphreys has allegedly refused to wash up Welshman, Edwards’ mug as it has abusive anti-English propaganda printed on the side of it.

A BBC spokesman told newsmen, “The chaps have agreed to help the ladies out from time to time, as long as they don’t have to take the bins out when it’s raining or go round to Greggs for the pasties and sausage rolls.”

It is understood the female presenters are happy with the new arrangements and have agreed to brush the lapels of the men’s jackets before going on air and to give back rubs on request.