I played no part in the far-right radicalisation of that absolute legend, claims Tommy Robinson

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Internet hate preacher Tommy Robinson has denied any involvement in the far-right radicalisation of Darren Osborne during an interview on BBC’s Newsnight.

The founder and former leader of the English Defence League was interviewed yesterday on the programme to discuss the conviction of Darren Osborne and his involvement in his radicalisation, following the discovery at the scene of the crime of a letter written by Mr Osborne in which he specifically referenced tweets by Mr Robinson.

“Look, I did not radicalise that total legend,” insisted an evidently frustrated Robinson

“Darren is a hero – he just wanted to defend England against the Muslims, which I applaud him for.

“And even though he watched every single one of my videos on the Internet before deciding to go ahead with this act of courage, you could hardly attribute his actions to me.

Wistfully, he added, “Don’t get me wrong – part of me likes to think I played my part, and I’d love to claim some of the credit for this bloke taking a stand against Islam but my lawyer has said I distance myself, for some reason. Can’t think why.”

Tommy Robinson’s employer, far-right organisation Rebel Media, declined to comment in the wake of the interview, having been left feeling somewhat intimidated after witnessing genuine journalism.