Government facing calls to cut aid to Africa after Black Panther trailer shows Wakandan space programme

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Campaigners who have seen footage of the secret Wakandan space programme in Black Panther described aid payments to Africa as an ‘outrage’ today.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance asked why British money is being sent abroad when the film shows Africans living ‘in the lap of luxury at our expense’.

“Wakandan technology is the envy of the world, with their royal family flying round in secret spaceships and they have rich deposits of Vibranium,” said spokesman Simon Williams.

“Britain hasn’t got any super-suits or pulse-cannons of its own, so why do we insist on sending our money to these countries?”

“Captain Britain has been homeless ever since The Fury and Mad Jim Jaspers destroyed Braddock Manor. We shouldn’t be sending any money abroad until our own heroes are properly housed.”

In the United States, President Trump described the advanced weapons possessed by Wakanda as a threat to global stability, and issued a travel ban on people from the secretive African state until his advisers can persuade him it doesn’t actually exist.