Man extremely vocal about women’s employment rights when the job involves shiny skintight dresses

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A man has spoken out about the employment rights of women he feels are treated unfairly, but only for those whose job involves parading around in front of him in skintight outfits for his enjoyment.

Small business owner Simon Williams, 42, explained that it was high time that someone spoke up for the women in the workforce, who for too long have been held back by the patriarchal yoke.

He went on, “I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist, not exactly, but these women deserve to earn a fair wage and to make a living just like anyone else. Anyone else with a figure like that, anyway.

“What rights do we as men have to hold these women back from becoming everything they are capable of becoming; which could be a swimwear model or anything.

“I think it’s disgusting that men like me would dare to tell these women that they can’t have a job that consists mainly of parading around in front of disgusting men like me.”

We asked Williams what he was doing as a small business owner to ensure women in the workplace are being treated fairly.

He told us, “Oh, I don’t employ any women. No, of course not. This is a small firm and I can’t afford to have my employees going off having babies on a whim – I’m not running a bloody charity.”