Girlfriend watches entire TV show without asking who anyone is

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Your girlfriend has managed to watch an entire episode of the procedural crime drama you like without once asking who someone is, according to reports this evening.

Simon Williams told reporters that his girlfriend Sarah sat through the entire 40-minute episode without the need to question the identity of a single character, or to ask where it was that she knew them from.

Simon told us, “Normally when we watch this show on Netflix I get asked who this week’s bad guy is at least twice.

“Once at the beginning of the episode, and then again when the character inevitably gets questioned by the slightly unconventional detective.

“For some reason, the 20 minutes or so between those two occurrences is long enough for her to forget not only her earlier question, but also the answer.

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“Then, of course, she will be sure that some obscure character is someone she’s seen in Grey’s Anatomy, or she’ll spend a couple of minutes going through movies she’s seen recently trying to place a face she thinks she recognises.

“She never actually places them though, because she is terrible at recognising faces.  When we went to see new Star Wars film she was convinced Ewan McGregor was playing Luke Skywalker.

His girlfriend Sarah told us, “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been diagnosed with nocturnal lagophthalmos, my eyes were open, but I was asleep the whole time.”