HMRC to start accepting payment in Freddos

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The tax office has announced plans to start accepting payment in Freddos after it emerged they are a more stable currency than the pound.

“When we send people statements saying things like ‘payment on account’ and ‘balancing payment’ and ‘deductions’ they don’t understand what we mean, so this is a move to simplify the process,” said tax office spokesman Simon Williams.

“From now on you’ll just get a letter saying you owe us fifty Freddos and you’ll instantly know exactly what we mean.

“This really isn’t a new policy as the government have been funding the NHS with chocolate frogs and buttons for years.”

Critics of the change said that it is unlikely to make much difference as there ‘isn’t a magic chocolate tree’.

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However, Labour said the tax authorities are still not doing enough to tackle people ‘sitting on top of a gigantic pile of Freddos in Monaco’.

Commenting on the change, Jeremy Corbyn said he was determined to penetrate shadowy offshore chocolate havens, before being told to shut up because everyone had started giggling.