White House claims Donald Trump’s first State of the Union attended by over 300,000 congressmen

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The White House has released the official figures for the State of the Union address and put the number of senators and congressmen who attended Congress to witness President Trump’s address at 336,687.

President Trump also took time to criticise the ‘fake news media’ for making it look like there was only a hundred or so present in the room.

A tweet several hours after the address read – “Great attendance at my first (excellent) state of union. Hundreds of thousands of congressmen and senators in the room. Fake news media phony pictures show less (sad). Covfefe.”

The White House insists that its figures are correct despite the fact that it would take a House chamber the size of a small town to accommodate 300,000 people, and that Congress only has 535 members.

Meanwhile, the President remained bullish about the figures in a series of further tweets, doubling down on his previous claims.

The following tweets read: “Much bigger attendance at State of Union than Obama got and much bigger other things too!

“So many congressmen and senators because I am such a great President (best ever)

“Anyone want to play Call of Duty? Online now.”

Attendance controversy aside, as the President managed to deliver the entire address without being overtly racist or sexual assaulting anyone, the State of the Union is being largely considered a success.