UK covered in moose limbs just hours after Twitter suspends Britain First

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Britain has found itself under Shania law and completely overrun by moose limbs after warnings from Britain First about the rampant spread of muslamification went unheeded.

The far-right group and last bastion of Christianity in the UK, known for issuing warnings about the dangerous religion followed by muslamics, had its accounts on Twitter and YouTube suspended yesterday, a move which has already led to the crumbling of British society, just as they said it would.

Gormless simpleton and Britain First member Simon Williams told us, “I didn’t just join Britain First for a signed certificate of membership and a free Union Jack flag. I wanted to warn you libtards about them moose limbs.

“We were the last line of defence against that dangerous M’uslim crowd and now Twitter has taken our page down there are moose limbs everywhere, running around on a holy jihad.

“I went out to get a paper this morning and not only was the bus driver a moose limb, the shopkeeper was a moose limb too. At least, I think he was.

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“And until I realised that I was trying to read it upside-down, I thought the paper had gone Muslamic as well.”

Rational human Christopher James laughed, responding, “The only difference I’ve noticed since Twitter banned Britain First, is that social media seems to have a slightly more friendly vibe. As if there was just a little less hatred in the air.

“I’m just waiting for Trump’s account to be suspended and it will be happy days.”