Brexiters tell NHS boss to grow up and stop believing in big red buses

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The head of the NHS in England has been told that he should have grown out of believing in big red buses and their fairytale promises a long time ago.

In a speech later today Simon Stevens is expected to ask for the cash boost that was promised to the NHS by the Vote Leave campaign, citing the quote printed on the side of Brexit Bus during the referendum as a promise.

Shouty red-faced leave voter Simon Williams told us, “How utterly infantile. You would have thought that a grown adult would have given up presenting a wish list based on an image of something big and red and expect to be given it.

“For example, my kids stopped writing to Santa when they were four because they googled him and found out he wasn’t real.

“If only Mr Stevens had googled whether the phrase ‘Let’s fund our NHS instead’ constituted an actual promise – it doesn’t, obviously – then he would have known that it was just conveying a sort of suggestion that the NHS might benefit from Brexit, or at the very least a vague feeling of goodwill towards the NHS.”

He concluded, “Much like the Coca-Cola truck, it was a good idea to send the bus around the country spreading goodwill and the promise of exciting times ahead, but for this muppet to think it makes the slightest jot of difference in the long term is just embarrassing for him.”