David Moyes aces West Ham interview with inspiring tale of taking small Manchester club to 7th in Premier League

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David Moyes has been unveiled as West Ham manager after regaling the Hammers board with his amazing feat of management while looking after plucky underdogs, Manchester United.

Moyes has been handed a 6-month contract after the David Gold was left speechless by his incredible achievement in taking the Red Devils to seventh in the Premier League.

“Seventh looks great from where I’m standing,” said David Sullivan, while actually sitting down.

“If David can do for us what he did for Manchester United, then I think we’ll all be delighted – not least the fans.

“If you offered any one of them 7th in the league right now, they’d snap your hand off, and rightly so – but so few managers have a track record of getting teams into that position. Not so David.”

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Moyes himself has spoken of his pride at taking over the London club, but expressed surprise that his Manchester United stint was seen in such a positive light.

He explained, “I wouldn’t want to say the owners don’t know much about football, but I normally skip over the part where United were in 7th place when I got fired.

“But they were on the edge of their seats and couldn’t wait to hear more about ‘how I did it’.

“I’ve never seen anyone so impressed by me spending nigh-on £30m on Marouane Fellaini.  They were very excited to know he could be a free transfer in January.

“Anyway, I happened to mention I won a trophy in my first season in charge, and that sealed the deal.

“I didn’t mention it was the Charity Shield, obviously.”