Tax dodging still not the worst thing you’ve been involved in, stars of Mrs Brown’s Boys told

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Three actors from the ‘hit’ TV show that have been revealed to have taken part in a tax avoidance scheme have today been reassured that compared to their other undertakings, ducking tax is really not all that bad at all.

The ongoing investigation into the Paradise Papers has shown that Patrick Houlihan and Martin and Fiona Delany transferred their fees into companies in Mauritius and sent money back as loans, which is a more understandable action than being associated in any way with the gaping comedic black hole that is Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Television owner and rational human being Simon Williams told us, “Look, we get it. Given half a chance and a moderately convincing accountant, any of us would probably do the same and put some money offshore to avoid paying tax.

“But to have earned some of that money from appearing in what is possibly the least funny show that has ever existed, or probably ever will exist, well, that is pretty much indefensible.

“In fact, when I read that they were named in the Paradise Papers, I did one of those little nose exhales you do when you see something funny in your newsfeed on Facebook – a sort of ‘I’m amused that someone rich has been caught dodging tax’ half-chuckle – and that is the closest any of them has ever got to making me laugh.”

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It is understood that the actors named will soon be issuing a statement apologising for their involvement in the outrageous stunt, and for dodging tax as well.