Please listen to my opinion on Brexit, pleads man who went to war over imaginary weapons of mass destruction

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The man who decided to invade a Middle Eastern country on a whim has continued to beg the British public to listen to the benefit of his wisdom regarding the whole Brexit calamity.

In an interview with newspaper The National, Tony Blair insisted that there should be a second referendum on Brexit once the terms of the new role outside of the EU had been finalised, causing many voters to find themselves in the awkward position of actually agreeing with the suspected war criminal.

Tony Blair made it clear that he believed Britain could remain part of a reformed EU, adding that he had been involved in some preliminary discussions, but choosing not to divulge any further details at this stage, the big tease.

“I don’t want to talk out of turn,” he told The National, “but Britain was a lot happier under my leadership, and I think I can sort out this Brexit mess out myself.

“The people of Britain need guidance on this, and I’m the man to lead them when it comes to clear, rational choices.

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“Either as a wise, independent advisor to the government, or possibly as a future Labour leader again or maybe even Prime Minister.

“But we’ll leave that up to my vast swathes of supporters to see how my triumphant return to politics one day soon might pan out.”

Brexiters and remoaners alike are attempting to ignore the Middle East wrecker, and have united in agreeing that whatever might happen with Brexit, the former Labour leader should probably keep as far away as possible from discussions, to avoid the possibility that Britain could end up in a similar state to Blair’s previous country of focus, Iraq.

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