It’s for my Xmas card list, insists Tory MP demanding to know which lecturers are saying what about Brexit

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Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris has defended himself against accusations of McCarthyism, claiming the reason he is compiling a list of University lecturers teaching about Brexit and documenting precisely what they’re saying about it, is so he can update his Christmas card list.

Heaton-Harris, the Tory whip and staunch eurosceptic, insisted there is nothing sinister about the process, and this would go much more smoothly if all the Universities simply complied with his request.

He told reporters, “There are claims this is so I can keep a close eye on the traitorous liberals in our educational establishments who are talking down the nation by discussing the realities of Brexit – but that is nonsense.

“Simply put, the more I know about the very specific things they are saying about Brexit, the more personal the Christmas card greeting I send them will be.

“I mean, right now, how do I know whether to wish them health and prosperity in the coming year, or insist they report to the nearest gulag.”

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In response, Universities have said they would be delighted to provide him with their Brexit teaching materials, just as soon as he coughs up a cheque for £9,250 for this year’ tuition fees.

Accusations of McCarthyism have continued after it was discovered visitors to Heaton-Harris’ constituency surgery in Daventry are asked to fill in a pre-meeting questionnaire. It asks whether they ‘have ever, or intend to ever, display, pronounce or promote treasonous anti-Brexit messages in any form whatsoever’ or whether they have ‘ever been, or ever plan to be, in favour of destroying the country by voting Remain’.

Heaton-Harris explained, “Those questions are just for administration purposes, we ask everyone, so by definition it’s not discriminatory.

“It’s so that I know whether to add their house to my other list.”

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