Donald Trump calls grieving war widow from the toilet

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Current President of the United States of America Donald Trump has caused fresh controversy by calling a grieving war widow while he was sat on the toilet.

Mrs Williams from New York received the call last Tuesday.

“Yeah, I knew that something was weird because his voice was real echoey, you know? Like he was in somewhere real small,” said Mrs Williams.

“He started by saying he was calling be because ‘he was a great president, really great, the best,’ but his voice was real strange, like he was straining to get the words out. I thought it was because he was real upset for me.”

However, the reason for the strained nature of the President’s voice soon became all too clear.

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“I was just explaining how much my husband meant to me when there was this explosion of splashing noises, like someone threw a bunch of rocks into the sea and then the President went ‘oh yeah, that’s the stuff,’ well I knew what was happening so I just asked him outright, I said ‘Mr President, are you in the bathroom?’

“He told me that he was ‘busting for a crap.’ I asked him if he thought that was appropriate and he just said ‘lady, if you think this is the worse thing I’ll do today you’re nuts’.”

The President then ended the call.

“He just said ‘okay, we’re done, and I heard him shout ‘where’s John Kelly? My ass needs wiping’ and the line went dead.”

Although the phone call has been branded outrageous and disrespectful, it’s probably still not as bad as the call he made to Myeshia Johnson.