Call of Cthulhu computer game delayed again after playtesters disappear from locked room

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The release date for the forthcoming ‘Call of Cthulhu’ computer game has been delayed after a group of playtesters vanished in mysterious circumstances.

The game, which was scheduled to be released in November, has been put back to 2018 to allow an investigation into what happened to the six employees tasked with finding ‘holes in the reality of the game’.

Publishers plan to put a seemingly-innocuous advert in the local newspaper asking for assistance locating their lost staff.

“Things seemed pretty normal,” said developer Simon Whateley. “There were some concerns after one of our team suggested the players’ guide be bound in human skin, but we laughed it off and assumed he was joking.

“We put the playtesters in a room with a couple of hundred bags of Doritos and a bunch of cans of Red Bull and left them to get on with it as usual, but when we came back they’d all gone.

“Initially it seemed as if the Red Bull had been replaced with some hideous, unnatural and glutinous ichor of uncertain provenance, but that’s just what Red Bull is like all the time.

“However, it looked like someone had tried to smooth out the corners of the room with partially-chewed Doritos, if that’s any help.”

Anyone wishing to look into the disappearances is invited to apply in person to the playtesting labs at the shunned old house just out of town, near the half-ruined church.