Our corporation tax was marked as ‘despatched’ so must have got lost in the post, insist eBay

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Online giant eBay has claimed that they did send the full amount of Corporation Tax owed to the UK Treasury in the post and it’s not their fault if it didn’t reach them.

The company paid just £1.6m in corporation tax despite £1bn worth of sales, leading questions to be asked about when the rest might be delivered.

eBay spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “There is no doubt that we owe significantly more than the relative pittance we have paid, but I can’t understand how only some of the amount owed reached you when we did, in fact, put every penny we owed in the post.

“We took all of it – a lot more than £1.6m, I can tell you – down to the post box, popped it in and then marked it as ‘despatched’ on our website.

“I mean, we’re glad some of it made it to the Treasury. I guess they’ll just have to take the issue up with Royal Mail – we have done our bit.”

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He added, “Perhaps next time the Treasury could offer to come and collect the money? Just a suggestion.”

It is believed that no-one at the Treasury has had the opportunity to open up a case in eBay’s resolution centre as they are too occupied with scrabbling around trying to find one financial benefit to Britain leaving the EU.