Pupils given first-hand experience of the dangers of fascism as Katie Hopkins launches tour of schools

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GSCE pupils will be exposed to the toxic shit fountain for one hour in the hope that she will horrify them into growing up to become rational human beings, according to reports.

Katie Hopkins recently launched her ‘Stand Strong’ tour, which will see the failed Apprentice contestant and fired LBC presenter deliver a small talk and Q&A session to Key Stage 4 pupils at state schools across the land throughout November, and has already had several bookings confirmed.

Headteacher of Little Arseworth Secondary School in Berkshire Simon Williams explained his reason for booking the shameless harridan saying, “We’ve been a bit concerned at the rise in numbers of our pupils expressing far-right-wing views, so we had to do something.

“As such, we thought it best to let them observe what is possibly the best – or is it worst? – example we could find of a person committed to saying offensive, bordering on Nazi, views.

“Remember the ‘scared straight’ programme in the 1990s? Pupils would meet ex-convicts in the hope that the experience and hearing tales of prison life would encourage them to pursue a good life instead of one of crime.

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“Well, this is a bit like that, but with racism and Islamophobia.”

Beaming, he added, “An hour should be more than enough, and it’s cheaper than taking them to see the dangerous animals at the zoo.”