Public opinion of Paul Hollywood improves after photo of him dressed as Nazi emerges

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The most hated man in television has had an unexpected rise in public opinion after a photo of him dressed as one of Hitler’s officers was made public.

The self-centred, money-grabbing snake who left the nation’s favourite old lady Mary Berry, to host The Great British Bake Off on another channel expected to be condemned further by the revelation, but instead has been pleasantly surprised by the feedback he has received.

“I thought he was pure evil,” said internet user AngryMum53454, “but this picture show’s he’s actually just like us really.

“Who doesn’t like dressing up in offensive clothes and getting drunk? So I’ve decided to forgive him for taking the cash and running.”

Many of the remarks taken from the Daily Mail’s comments section focus on how Alt-right Nazis are fine now and it’s the liberals like Mel and Sue we should be watching out for.

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DaveDiamondGeezer18392756, wrote, “I thought he was a complete monster for leaving Mary and the rest, just the utter scum of the Earth with no sense of loyalty.

“But this photo of him as a Nazi makes me realise it’s probably all just a misunderstood joke. We all do silly things, like Nigel Farage singing Nazi songs when he was younger.

“Probably just bantz, innit.”